Closed Casket

Closed Casket

Sometimes families choose a closed casket service to celebrate the life of their loved one. This may be due to cultural or religious beliefs that value a closed casket out of respect for the deceased. Sometimes families will opt for a closed casket to protect the privacy and dignity of their loved ones, such as when the deceased endured a long illness or if they may have been in an accident. A closed casket ceremony can still offer family and friends the opportunity to honour and pray over their loved one. Prairie Rose can guide you through detailed selections such as a funeral spray, photographs, memory boards, and more to celebrate the life and presence of your loved one.

Professional Service Fee: $3345
Additional Fees not included in the Professional Fee:

  • $10 Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board fee
  • $795 - $4700 Casket Range

OPTIONAL EXTRAS available on all services:

  • Memorial Book

  • Memorial Folders
  • Submission of Obituary to the Paper

  • Flowers

  • Jewelry

  • Visitation 

Additional rural transportation fee may apply outside of Airdrie, Calgary and Red Deer.


Compassionate And Meaningful Funeral Services

Prairie Rose Cremation & Funeral Services is committed to providing families with compassionate and caring service. We are committed to ensuring that all Albertans have access to affordable burials and cremations. We are devoted to guiding you to make the best and most informed choice to honour and remember the one you hold dear, from pre-planning services to honour of memorial and celebration of life options.


Prairie Rose Burial services are offered with three options: Graveside Services (no embalming if there is no viewing)   Closed Casket (service is held but does not involve embalming or viewing) Open Casket (viewing and service where embalming would be performed for the


Prairie Rose Cremation Services are offered with three options: Basic Cremation (cremation only, cremated remains are returned to the family upon completion). Memorial Service / Celebration of Life (cremation, organization of service/celebration details, venue selection and coordin

Graveside Service

When you have no affiliation with a particular religion or church, a graveside ceremony is the perfect way to honour your loved one and celebrate their life. In fact, graveside ceremonies are becoming a very popular option for many families. A graveside service can include all of the tradi

Closed Casket FAQs

There are no legal requirements to embalm and no need to embalm if you are choosing a closed casket service with no viewing for your loved one.

This is not possible because the body has not been preserved or prepared for a closed casket burial.

All caskets have a latch system, some caskets also have a turn lock.

When You Need Us, Where You Need Us

Your comfort is our priority. When you lose a loved one, simple tasks like leaving the house can take a lot of effort. You need a safe and comfortable space to ease the decision-making process.

This is why we come to you for a personalized consultation, in a space that works for you. At your consultation, we will explain your burial and cremation options including casket and urn choices. Almost all of the necessary tasks can be completed from your home so you and your friends and family can gather together with very little interruption.


Our Family For Your Family

Our Family For Your Family

Prairie Rose Cremation & Funeral Services is committed to providing meaningful options so that your family can make the best and most informed choices to honour and remember your loved one who has passed away. From the moment you first need us, we will be by your side guiding and supporting you throughout this difficult time. To ensure that your loved one is cared for with compassion and respect or to explore your option for pre-planning funeral services, book a no-obligation, consultation today. Call us at 1-403-216-511 or connect with us through our online contact form.

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